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“Luxus Fluxus”_ performance _Leize Jenus

21 Mai, 2022

“Luxus Fluxus” multimedia art performance show
Artur Rockzane (Porto)
José Sindulfo Carneiro Gaspar de Melo Albino (Porto)
Dennis Tuomi (Copenchagen)
George Duck (Berlin)
Outburst (Berlin)
Wolf Son (Berlin)
“Suffering from Fluxus movement syndrome, I continue their tradition. today in Porto I want to show a multimedia show in which performances of the past years will be shown, telling about modern art and new ones, telling about the Fluxus itself, its special features of artistic expression and manifesto. It is also a reflection on contemporary events in the world and a certain view of the human soul, its properties”

Rua de Miraflor, 155,
4300-334 Campanhã, Porto

terça a sábado,
15:00 às 19:00
929 113 431 / 929 145 191